Saturday, April 12, 2014

1925 Kenworth ERTL model at Auction

I spent a good part of the day down at the late Les and Helen Nelson Auction. Les was in our Coffee group for some years and died earlier this year after having his 90th birthday last summer. Les farmed, worked at American Stores and served as Seward County Assessor and County Commissioner. He belonged to the Model-A Club and was a collector of many things. I got the bid on 3 ERTL trucks and an old Seward Newspaper clipping.

 Shown here is the 1925 Kenworth Van. It came complete in an unopened box that included a Certificate of Authenticity noting that only 7,500 die cast models of this item have ever been produced. This one is number 0483. I was attracted to it because of an old family picture that Mother had written "Bert 1923" on the back of it. The little boy that Uncle Bert is holding on the fender could have been my Uncle Ralph. He would have been that age in 1923. My other purchase was a Seward County Tax delinquency list from 1875 that had been discovered back in 1958 in the wall  of an old house that was being remodeled. It was also a day of a lot of visiting with old friends and fellow action participants

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