Friday, April 4, 2014

Magazine Club at the LaRuche

Elaine is shown here along with some of the folks that were at the magazine club meeting last night at the "old Cattle house". Next to Elaine (closest to the camera) is Becky. It was her Great Grandfather who built the house in 1904 and where her Dad lived before going into the Army and getting married. Her Grandparents lived there until 1949 when it was sold to Concordia. She has no direct memories of their living in the house but is well aware of many family stories. Elaine also  told stories of here memories of the house having brought cream and dressed chickens to the Cattle's when she was a girl. On one occasion, she and a Cattle girl hid behind a couch when a neighbor lady was coming over. Unfortunately, one of the girls sneezed, they were discovered and escorted out of the room. Elaine also told the story of visiting 

with Becky's Grandmother when we were visiting back in Seward during the late '60's when Elaine was working at the Pentagon. Mrs. Cattle told of her family (the Brown family) having owned  the land in the Washington, D.C. area at one time on which the Pentagon was built. It was a most interesting evening. The house is located near the corner of 2nd & Hillcrest. It was on a quarter of a block at the time the Cattle's owned it. During Concordia's tenure, they built four small houses on the grounds around the big house which altered the setting and view of the facility. Bonnie, the new owner is very optimistic and is giving "new life" to an "old mansion".

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