Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Signing" a Children's Sermon

We enjoyed an unusual Methodist Church service this morning in the lower level of the Seward Civic Center. The Church sanctuary is being renovated due to water/mold damage. For the past few weeks worship services have been held in the Fellowship Hall which has worked out O.K. We were at the early service this morning but a large crowd was anticipated for the later service where 12 communicants were to be recognized. Normally, we have 6-10 youngsters participating in the Children's sermon. This morning when Rev. Dale invited the Children to come forward, no one responded. He was "taken aback" for a minute and then announce that we would have the Children's sermon anyway. A couple fellows jumped up and wend down to hear the "message" and were quickly joined by the group shown here. There were even a couple children involved as his sermon got underway using sign language. We all were inspired by the message as well as his later sermon.

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