Saturday, July 7, 2012

Window Problem "Fixed"

It pays to ask friends and relatives for help. Last Tuesday evening as we were picking up things for Elaine's Class of '47 HS Reunion, I accidentally hit the "down" button for the left rear window on our '02 La Sabre. The window buttons on the '02 are placed differently than on the '92 which I usually drive. The window went down but when I tried to roll it back up it wouldn't go. All that happened was some grinding noise. Friends said the problem was probably a regulator. Ben alerted me to Roger Warnsholz who has a Body Shop here is Seward. We took it down yesterday afternoon where he confirmed the problem and asked us to bring it in this morning. We were aware that a regulator was quite expensive even using an "after market" one. (Used one). We indicated that we would be happy if he could just "fix it" so the window would stay up. The only time the window has been turned down during the 10 years has been when we hit the button accidentally. Roger got it "fixed" and charged us $25.00. He checked on the price of a new regulator which was $264.00. He also told us that he had worked on several of the GM cars with this problem and they were all the left-rear window. 

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