Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vrana Cousins

The Joseph & Antonia (Milicek) Vrana cousins got together at Cheddar's in Lincoln, NE today. There were 27 cousins and 11 of them were there today along with a total of some 20 family members. Ted Vrana, the oldest and his wife Muffy did the planning for the event. Ted celebrated his 90th birthday earlier this year by flying back to New York City to visit his daughters and families. He had the good fortune of getting his first hole-in-one a couple years ago after a lifetime of playing golf. We were also pleased to have the youngest of the cousins in attendance. Joanne (Vrana) Nelson  and members of her family from Iowa City, IA. Our such get togethers these years are a far cry from what I remember as a youngster when most of the family lived within an hour's driving distance. Every family brought food and we had pot luck dinners.  For many years the reunions rotated between Seward and Wahoo with well over 100 in attendance. As recently as 25 years ago at one of these events we taped up a 25' roll of table paper and worked on the family tree. As the result of Elaine, cousin Ben, and others good work, we have a pretty good family history and several of us have been over to Caslav, in the Czech Republic to visit our family roots. It was interesting at today's gathering to realize how family physical traits are carried forward. We realized today that one of the cousins has many of the physical and facial features of our Grandmother. And, some of the younger ones were surprised at how much I now look like  their Grandfather Joe (my Dad's younger brother). It was good to get together and the food at Cheddar's was very good.

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