Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This picture was taken on July 6, 2012 of a corn field with emerging tassels. Back when I was a youngster on the farm, Dad talked about "corn being horse belly high by the 4th of July". Our growing season has been advanced all year following "spring weather" in March. The field pictured is in the Plum Creek flood plain and may produce a reasonable crop. However, we haven't had any rain since June 23 when we received 3/4 of an inch. And, it's questionable what dryland corn in the area will produce. There is a slight chance of some rain in our area tomorrow,  but beyond that, the forecast is for more hot, dry weather. This drought is being reported as the most severe and widespread since the mid 1950's. I was working with SCS here in Seward County at that time. That drought brought on a rash of irrigation development. My job went from working with farmers to apply conservation practices on rolling land to working with "flat land farmers" in developing irrigation systems. I remember of seeing the first center pivot system in Seward County at that time.

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