Monday, July 16, 2012

Safety First

We took the last of the records that were sorted out to Et-Cetera this afternoon. These were all purchased at recent auctions. (No Jon, I didn't get rid of any Polka records). The picture is of the back alley behind the store where all incoming items are unloaded. What you see below the sign is a "Hughes Bros." guy wire "brace". The purpose of the brace is to alert people to the existence of the guy wire which is necessary to help stabilize transmission poles and lines. I understand that back in Hughes Brothers' early years, Ben Sr. was on a Lincoln jury for a case that involved an accident with someone running into a "naked" guy wire. Ben had the vision to see the value of a wooden "stick" painted white, enclosing the wire and making the "hazard" much more visible. The production of this item was important to the Plant over many of the early years as they were used all over the Country. You have probably seen them and didn't realize their origin. Their safety value has been invaluable. This one behind the Et-Cetera store is in remarkably good condition for its age. 

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