Friday, July 13, 2012

50 Years Later-A Good Move

Fifty years ago this week our '56 Pontiac Station Wagon with an optimistic couple and 4 youngsters were on their way, moving from Lincoln, NE to Arlington, VA. My Diary had been packed and inaccessible so I don't know the exact date we left but it may have been about July 11th or 12th, 1962. This picture was taken in Des Moines, IA which was one of our first stops. I reported in to Room 6221 of the South Agriculture Building, USDA on Monday July 16. Elaine and I had been back a month earlier to rent living quarters in the Fairlington Apartments. It was really a "Leap of Faith" and while Elaine and I my have had our apprehensions, we never discussed them with the family.
The move took me from a GS-7 to a GS-9 with a pay increase of  less than $300./yr. But it also moved me into a category where further advancement opportunities were available. That is what we were "banking on".  We had sent our household goods on ahead and put in storage because of giving an early possession date on our Lincoln house. And, stayed out at Seward with my folks for a couple weeks while preparing to leave. We tried to make the trip as enjoyable for the kids as possible by stopping frequently to see point of interest. This statue of Abraham Lincoln with his son Todd, is in Springfield, IL. And the bottom picture was taken along Lake Michigan.
It was well that we enjoyed our travel back to Virginia. We had reservations and checked in to the Presidential Gardens near where our apartment was ready for us. But, in contacting the Moving Company, found they had mistakenly put all of our stuff in containers for overseas shipment. This delayed our move but once it seemed to be on track, we went out and bought a large order of groceries to have in the apartment. The next day when we went back over to Presidential Gardens to check out and get our groceries, they were all gone thinking we didn't want them. Needless to say, things got better after our initial introduction to the Big City. Some of us shed a tear when we left 18 years later and today we enjoy a monthly annuity check enhanced by our move.  It worked out O.K.

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