Friday, July 6, 2012

Heather's Visit

 We were most delighted yesterday morning to have a call from Granddaughter Heather to say she was planning to stop by for a short visit. She was with two  friends who were traveling from Bloomington, IN to California and were coming our way. They were both University Professors from back east and the lady was on a years sabbatical so in no hurry. Heather took advantage of the opportunity to ride along as they planned to go through the Nebraska Sandhills, Badlands of South Dakota, the Black Hills and on to Billings, MT where she will catch a plane back to IN. She is teaching a class at IU this summer and needs to be back on next Monday. 
We had a real nice visit though it was a short one. Ben, Carolyn, John and Julie all came down and were able to exchange a lot of information in a couple hours. The friends spent some time at the Blue Heron while we visited but came in to get acquainted when they picked her up. Heather is hoping to get her PhD wound up within the next year and be on the job market for the fall of 2013. The course that she is teaching now is closely related to her Latin American Studies that is the subject of her thesis. She really seemed to enjoy getting back to Seward and got some pictures of the old Middle School which she attended before moving back to Virginia. We thoroughly enjoyed her visit and are most pleased with her courage and ambition to continue her studies as she has.


  1. Nice pictures! We haven't seen Heather for so long that it is nice to see a picture of her. She really has taken on the "South American" look after living there for awhile - or maybe it's the 'Black Bohemian" look - like I used to be when I got a good summer tan! What a nice surprise for you guys!

  2. I agree! It was really great to see Heather!