Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Seward's Brick Streets

When an old man no longer has to go to a daily job, he starts drinking morning coffee with the boys.
When he drinks coffee with the boys, he tells them stories he has heard over the years about incidents that have occurred in Seward. Among the incidents that he tells about is of an obscene message carved into a brick. When he talks about the brick containing the obscene message, he says it was placed in front of the Mayor's house at the time the brick streets were laid back in the 19th century. When he talks about the location, he says he remembers a now deceased Concordia professor showing a picture of the brick and telling him of it's location. When he tells his coffee drinking friends where he thinks the brick is located, he decides to see if he can find it. When he goes to look for it, he takes a broom to clear away debris and his wife to take a picture of it. When his wife takes the picture it is not of the brick but of his futile attempt to find the brick with an obscene message. Don't let this happen to you, there are easier ways to receive obscene messages, keep going to your daily job.

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