Sunday, July 8, 2012

Marlin 22 cal. rifle

As we go through life's stages, we reach a point of recognizing that some of our possessions do not have the same value to our life style that they once did. The above Marlin 22 cal. rifle with a hexagon barell is one example. I bought this gun from Harold Davisson here in Seward back in the early 1950's. I had a 12 Gauge shotgun but wanted a rifle. I couldn't afford a new one and this served my rabbit hunting needs. It was also a good gun to teach the boys to shoot as they reached an appropriate age. One of my "kills" with it was a squirrel in our attic at our Ridge Road house in Virginia. I also shot another squirrel at the back of the house where the little Greenhut boy was amazed at my marksmanship.It is an old gun. I did some research some time ago and found the latest patent for this type of gun was in 1922. I have no idea what it may be worth but hope to find out later this fall when it may appear on my brother's Auction. It has served me well and I'm ready to recycle it to a new owner.

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