Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Florence and Tony Vrana family reunion was held today in Seward with temperatures approaching 100 degrees. The temperature was similar to some of the early Vrana reunions that I remember down in the same old park. Vivian's family was represented by Terry, Angie, EJ, Sandy and Mick; Don and Gladys family included Kathy & Bob and Jake, Laurie & Jim with Matt, Kristine & friends, Becky & Doug and Sarah, MaryBeth & Dave, Tony and friend; Jerry's family included Sondra, Cindy, Cody, Carly and friends, Tanya & Christian; Janice & Larry's family was represented by Mark & Dena; Elaine & I had Carolyn & Ben and Julie & John in attendence. All in all it adds up to 40. It was a great group with a lot of good food and conversation. The picture was taken by Cody's friends.

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