Saturday, July 28, 2012


Mark & Dena Sorge came down yesterday and were here to visit us this afternoon. Julie & John and Carolyn also came over. Sorges drove their pickup with their 5th wheel which has storage for their Harleys.  We had a good visit in the air conditioned comfort of our living room and then the Owens' took Sorges' up to see their house under construction. Seeing the 2 motorcycles on our driveway reminded me of a time when I wanted one. It was in the spring of '44 when I was 18 years old. The Plautz boys had a cousin visiting from Iowa who rode over with his cycle. He gave me a ride on it and I was hooked. I had worked at Swift & Co. Packing House that winter and had ridden back and forth to Omaha with the Kadavy boys. Leonard had a little Red Indian cycle and wanted to get a bigger one. He offered it to me for $90.00 and I had the money. That's as close as I ever came to having a Motorcycle. Both Mother and Dad talked to me about all the trouble I might have if I bought it,  so I didn't. I must admit that there was a continuing interest in cycles for some time but something about having a wife and four kids kept that interest totally under control. And, before I hardly knew it, I was old enough to not even want one anymore. But I'm happy to see Sorges, Terry and other young friends enjoy theirs. 

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  1. Uncle Bud.. We would have gladly let you take one for a spin!! Sure would like to have that Indian you mention. And only 90 bucks! I think that would have been a great investment!
    It was nice visiting with you guys!!