Saturday, July 14, 2012


The Gene Hromas Auction was today near Ulysses which among many other things, had 2 button accordions listed. With our hot, dry temperature pushing 100 degrees and my wanting to play golf this morning, I didn't go. When trying to play an accordion in the past, I was able to do the right hand part but couldn't put it together with my left hand playing the cords. It's something that Dad, Don & Jon are able to do quite effortlessly and yet I couldn't. I still wonder if I had one of my own if I could get it coordinated. After playing golf, I did go to an auction here is Seward where there were 2  piano accordions but didn't stay to see them sell. Instead, came home and finished sorting the phonograph records I bought a couple weeks ago and will take most of them to the Etcetra store.

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  1. How much do those button accordians sell for? I would love to have one if they aren't too expensive.
    Sounds like you have another hot spell - it was much cooler here Saturday but turned hot again today. We're supposed to get some relief this week for cooler temperatures.