Wednesday, July 11, 2012


With no ballgame to watch this evening, we turned our attention to NET -1, our Public Television Station in Lincoln. And, watched an hour long program on "Tracking Grizzlies in Alaska". It was the first in a series of 3 programs . We might even watch the next programs of the series even if there is a ballgame . It is amazing how animals in the wild are able to maintain a balance of nature if there isn't human intervention. Our weather this year should help the skeptics to accept global warming and that while part of it may be "normal", our civilization has certainly contributed to the cause. Dryland corn here in the Seward area is holding up pretty well but it is pollinating and at a most critical stage. A good 2" rain within the next few days could make a tremendous difference in the yield. If we don't get a rain soon, it will be an interesting test of the "drought tolerance" of the new hybrids as well as soil conditions and tillage practices of the farmers. 

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