Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Class of '47

Our 4th of July Celebration began last evening with the Seward HS Class of '47 Reunion at the VFW Club. Elaine (3rd from left in back row) was chair of the committee that did all the planning and communicating along with Jean and Bonnie. Several of the 15 Classmates came from out of state to share memories and "catch-up" on events since their meeting 5 years ago. An outstanding prime rid dinner was served with many, like us, taking enough home to again enjoy prime rib for lunch. I sang with the Kitones at the Civic Center this noon, (Thanks to Carolyn for transportation), watched the Parade with our Seward family from the shade of our house, and had a picnic supper with friends . With 98 degree temperature and 105 heat index, it wasn't conducive for participation in the many activities available.

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