Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Anniversary

This picture of Julie and John leaving the alter after having just taken their marriage vows was taken two years ago tomorrow. A lot has happened in their young lives during these two years with the most significant being the anticipation of a baby "any day now". We are so pleased that they live here in Seward and that we get to visit with them frequently. John is involved with many organizations here in Seward including our Kiwanis Club. It has been a common practice for Elaine, Carolyn and Julie to go out for lunch every Monday noon since John and I are at Kiwanis. John is President of our Kiwanis Club of Seward Foundation and today's Kiwanis program featured the Foundation. I was involved in the establishment of the Foundation some years ago, served on the Board of Directors for some years and continue to serve as an "Advisor" to the Board. The Foundation has been instrumental in several of our Club Projects. Most significantly is the Back Pack Program. During the past school year there were 53 families in the Seward Community who's Children brought home from school on Friday afternoon a back pack  of food for the weekend. It is a very well operated program that has been "spear headed" in this region by Scott Young with the Lincoln Food Bank. The Foundation has also been involved with our new Frisbee Golf Course as part of our City Athletic Park facilities. We are also working on a Fishing Pier with handicap features. The Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization and  able to assist in Projects approved by the Kiwanis Club of Seward. John does a great job as the Foundation President. And, we are most pleased that our Granddaughter Julie and he are expecting their first child and our first Great-Grandchild.
                                               Happy 2nd Anniversary Julie & John.

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