Monday, July 9, 2012

We didn't have our usual Kiwanis meeting this noon because of an effort to encourage "inter-club" visits. When Julie and John got married last summer, it was decided that since John and I both went to Kiwanis on Mondays, it would be a good time for Elaine, Carolyn & Julie to also go out for lunch. So without a meeting this noon, John and I joined the ladies for lunch down at the La Carreta Restaurant. It has been open for a couple months  and appears to be doing well. The food is good, prices reasonable and service excellent. There was a good crowd there this noon. I went out to the golf course after we got home and played with Gordon & Kenny who play from the white tees. It was a new experience for me playing from the whites. It makes me appreciate normally playing from the yellows. I took an 8 on one hole after going in the water and not taking any
mulligans nor "gimmes" and finished with a 48. Soon after getting home, Dale stopped by after having been up to Albion looking at a corn field that had suffered damage after having been sprayed. As a "retired" PhD Agronomist he is recognized as an "expert" in his field and his reports are used to settle many cases out of court. If they do go to court, he often serves as an "Expert Witness". I asked him to explain Higgs Boson to me. He quickly pleaded ignorance and began telling of his college days when his Dad asked him if he knew why horses, cows and sheep eat the same hay but their fecal material is entirely different. When Dale admitted he didn't know why, his Dad said: "You don't know s---, and you're trying to tell me how to farm. Dale has been a very humble, story telling, expert Agronomist, ever since.

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