Friday, July 27, 2012

Tony Vrana family from Wisconsin

We had a pleasant surprise this morning when nephew Tony Vrana called from North Platte and said they were headed for Seward. We had a good visit, took Tony & Ethan out to the John & Julie house, and later ate at the La Carreta restaurant.  They had spent some time in South Dakota and had hoped to be in Seward Sunday for the reunion but a change in plans required their coming earlier and visiting with as many of the family as possible, along the way. They were going from Seward to Syracuse where they hoped to see many of Don and Gladys' family. It was an ideal time for Tony to see the Owens house because the drywall finishing process is underway. While no one was working while we were there this afternoon, it was apparent that a lot of finishing had gone on earlier in the day. Tony and Deb are doing real well and Ethan and Kayce have grown since we last saw them a year ago. 

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  1. So glad you got to see them - I thought they were all coming for the family reunion but their plans must have changed! The kids are really growing!!!