Thursday, July 26, 2012

Light Rain

This is how our back yard looked this evening about 6:30 pm. By 8:00 a cloud came over and we received 0.20" of rain. The first measurable amount since June 23rd. A cold front came through yesterday evening and some places got a bit of rain but we only had a few sprinkles. Yesterday was the 76th anniversary of the July 25th day in 1936 when Lincoln, NE had it's highest recorded temperature of 115 degrees.  That was actual air temperature and the low the night before was 90 degrees. We were out on the farm in those days and didn't even think about having a lawn. But our lawn and most of them in Seward are as dormant for this time of year as I can remember. After the 30's we also had some very dry years in the mid-50's and again in 1988 but I don't remember the extent of dry lawns that we have this year. A few people have watered enough to keep their grass green but water rates have gone up to where it is a very expensive option. The 0.20" we received this evening won't go very far but it helps the morale and maybe it can be the start of something good. 

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