Monday, July 30, 2012

Wax Begonias

We usually buy a packet of Wax Begonia's every spring to plant on the north side of our back yard fence. They were some of my Mother's favorites and is the flower that I most closely associate with her. As a youngster I thought Mother called them: "Wax Spegonias". For years that is how I referred to them. I have hose watered these every other day for the last month. I think of Mother every time I do so and usually think of them as Waxspegonias. We had a few sprinkles of rain early and cloud cover most of the morning. It was nice out at the golf course where we finished our round in time to go directly to coffee. After going to Kiwanis at noon, Elaine and I watched Jordon Larson and the USA women win their volleyball match over Brazil. It was a good day.  

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