Thursday, August 13, 2015

T. J Fraser

We attended the service “Celebrating the Life of Pastor T. J. Fraser” at the Seward United Methodist Church this morning. It was an outstanding service with Paul Soulek playing the Organ  with congregational singing of, “It is Well” & “For All the Saints” among others. Pastor Dale Lambert gave a very appropriate message in celebrating the life of T. J. We visited briefly with some of the family from the New York City area that we had heard a lot about over the years. T. J. and Virginia were very much a part of the Seward UMC since coming to town in 1998 after having served in several locations in eastern Nebraska. There were a large number of retired Pastors at the service including the Reverends Charles Gates and Al Smith who had served the Seward Congregation. I had an enjoyable visit with retired Rev. Cliff Reynolds during lunch. We agreed that those of us who are older  so appreciate the organ music, the traditional hymns, and the formality of service that was demonstrated today. As a society we seem to have lost a lot of the respect for traditional relationships, authority, and even for each other during the past few years. Our Churches need to help bring it back. 

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