Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Backyard Flowerbed and Lawn

I spread some well decomposed compost on this flowerbed in our backyard yesterday. The Clump River Burch provides shade that limits the flowers that can be grown in it. The lone red rose bush bloomed in early June but hasn’t since. The perennial Diantheses bloomed beautifully early and still have an occasional flower. We planted the small red-blooming Inpatients this spring which are doing well. We mowed the grass in the front yard as well as the backyard this morning. I also trimmed the Barberry hedge in front of our house. The quality of our lawn doesn’t compare with Dad’s lawn after the folks retired to town. We had Merle’s Garden Shop apply the chemicals and fertilizer for a number of years but have attempted to take cane of it myself the past couple. I believe it more appropriate to again contract with them to do the application. It is enough of a job to take care of the watering and mowing. We have run the underground sprinklers only once so far this summer but might do so again tomorrow. 

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