Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Julie at our First Computer

We bought our first computer on December 26, 1993. It was an Apple Macintosh 660 with a 15” Phillips Monitor. It was a joint project that we shared with Carolyn and Julie. A couple days later we bought an Apple Stylewriter II printer from Walmart. Carolyn and Julie spent a lot of time with us those days and with Jon and his family living in Seward, we had a lot of help in getting it set up and in operation. Soon after the first of the year we bought a computer desk and office chair from Best Buy. It wasn’t long before Julie learned to make the computer talk and say what she had typed. It wasn’t until June of ’94 that we bought a modem and installed “America on Line” and was able to connect to the Internet. While we were doing a lot of traveling in those days, I couldn’t of had a better introduction to the use of a computer. Elaine had worked with them during her latter days of Federal employment, but I had never sat down to one before bringing ours home. We went on to get a complete Gateway 2000 setup which we really liked. In 2007, Jon helped us buy the Hewitt-Packard set up that we now have. It shows some problems but since my Apple MacBook is what I mainly use, I hope the HP will continue to function. I had no expectation when we got our first one that I would spend as much time on it someday, as I do. 

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