Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sadie Elizabeth Owens at Three

Great Granddaughter Sadie Elizabeth Owens celebrated her 3rd Birthday today. Her celebration began early with her hat and 3 candles. We got out to see her this afternoon and will have a further “party” with her and family on Saturday. It is interesting to us Great Grandparents as to how we have appreciated those early years of our own children, the Grandchildren and now the "Greats”. We were so busy with work when our children were small that we just “took for granted” that they would develop as normal “above average” kids. While we have 5 Grandchildren, it was only Julie that we were closely involved with during her early years. While we loved them all, and did have some time with Heather when they lived here for a few years, we got to see the others only a few times a year. Julie was a real joy to us in helping make the transition from the work-a-day world to retirement. We did a lot of traveling and shared in many of her activities. Now with Sadie and Jack we are just fascinated by the rapid changes that occur during those first 3 years. It’s just amazing how she thinks, what she knows, how she can express herself, what she can do, etc. I’m convinced that she is above average.
Happy Birthday Sadie!!!

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