Saturday, August 29, 2015

Airplanes, Tractors and Old Times

We got out to the Seward Airport this afternoon where small planes were stopping by on the way to an Air Show over in Iowa. Whistler Aviation manages the airport and has made it a vital part of the area economy. In addition to the collection of small planes  they also had a number of antique tractors which are always interesting to those of us that used some of them. However, I spent much of the day working in the narrative of 1987 as part of my life story.
I have written thousands of words on my “Life Story” with 25 Chapters that covered up to the time we came back to Nebraska from Virginia in 1980. Since then annual narratives have replaced chapters, however some of those busy years it didn’t get done. Since retiring, I have gone back and picked up those years and today I started on 1987. While we listed 3 pages of Highlights from my Daily Journals and 2 collages of pictures, it is the oldest one that hadn’t been done. I have done most of them with Microsoft Word and incorporated pictures into the text for some of them. However, it has been 2-3 years since I incorporated pictures and am having trouble finding the formatting that will allow me to put them where I want them and wrap the narrative. Any help would be appreciated. Speaking of old times, we are listening to Eddy Arnold sing “Make The World Go Away” on PBS, and I am reminded of the time son Jon and I drove our VW Bug up to the Shady Grove Theater in  Gaithersburg, Maryland to hear him in person.

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