Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Elaine’s Shoebox of Rocks

Here is Chuck examining Elaine’s box of rocks. Petrified wood came into discussion yesterday so I took in the box that included a piece of it. The group around the table is much more knowledgeable than I on such matters and identified several different types. Neither Elaine nor I know much about rocks, but she began her collection when we went on our Wedding trip to California. She has always been more fascinated with them, and never passes an opportunity to add  unusual ones. They have come from our travels all over the US and may even be a few from overseas. While Elaine and I were raised under very similar conditions; I grew-up in the Bohemian Alps glaciated area where we had an abundance of rocks. Only 7 miles away where she was raised in the Loess Plains area, there are no rocks. I knew what it was like to hit a big buried rock while listing corn and get the planters beam bent out of shape. It may have influenced my “love” of rocks even if they were unusual. 

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