Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dale Flowerday, son Verlon and Elaine

Here is Dale Flowerday, son Verlon and Elaine. It was taken while Verlon was back rebuilding the deck, replacing the garage post, etc. Dale stopped by on his way back to Lincoln from being out-state on a project. It was during the summer of ’07. This is among many of the pictures that we transferred from the Gateway computer when we got the HP. We talked with Tim tonight and he mentioned that the picture of Elaine with her folks, that I used in a recent blog, showed Albert and Flora looking just like he remembered them. We havn’t seen Dale since they moved to TN last winter, but this picture is so typical of Dale and is what I “see” when I think of him. I’m sure that most of the PhD candidates that he advised, think of him as Dr. Flowerday, but I also believe that their mental image of him is similar to this picture. On several occasions I have had the opportunity to indicate that I was his brother-in-law and whenever his name was mentioned, it would be followed by a chuckle as they thought of one of his jokes.

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