Friday, August 7, 2015

Dennis Kahl, UN-L Extension Educator

Dennis Kahl, UN-L Extension Educator in Seward County, NE since 1993 has announced his retirement date of August 31, 2015. A retirement party has been scheduled for Sunday morning, August 9th at the 4-H building in the Fairgrounds from 9:30-11:30 as the Co. Fair winds down. During his tenure in Seward, he has also led State Extension programs and projects in other locations. Dennis received his BS from UN-L in Animal Science/Agricultural Education in 1972 and an MS degree from UN-L in ’77. Dennis served as an Ag Education Instructor at Wood River HS and Extension Educator in Colfax Co. (Schuyler) before coming to Seward. 
I have worked with Dennis on many projects within various organizations over the years. His contribution to the people and the community during his years here has been unmeasurable. The programs that Dennis has provided leadership to have been as varied as the ages of the people which whom he has worked. As we walked through the 4-H building today we marveled at the “professional” appearing wood working projects as well as the cake decorating, etc. Young people have learned skills through 4-H projects that will benefit them all their lives. Back in the mid-’90’s when personal computers were becoming popular, I recall taking a course that Dennis taught. He also personally mentored me in putting together a Power-Point presentation on the 30 Major League Baseball Parks in which I had seen games. We owe him our Heartfelt Thanks for a Career of Helping Others. 

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