Thursday, August 27, 2015

Interesting Day

Elaine and I enjoyed “Happy Hour” on our deck this afternoon following an interesting day. We had a “spirited” discussion at coffee this morning after news of the Virginia shooting, following the recent French Railroad incident. We cannot hope to solve the problem but should    look to what can be done to reduce it. Suggestions will  range from more “gun control” to arming more citizens with “concealed carry permits” to counteract the “shooter”. I believe more research into the “why and how” people develop the hate that leads them to such acts should also be pursued. 
Elaine enjoyed a visit with the Great Grandchildren, and  Carolyn while I was at coffee. We did Home Delivered Meals. Our last “client” is down in the Manor, next to the Lied Senior Center so we enjoyed the Potato Bake. The Monthly Potato Bake is as much a Social Event as it is a place to eat. We bought groceries down at Pac-n-Save and visited with a young man stocking shelves with material brought down from the “defunct” Mike’s Market. We did catch the closing of the stock market on Wall Street and got the recap of another volatile day. Then, worked in the yard for about an hour including the “harvest” of mature seed heads from the Black Samson (Echinacea angustifolia) from along our driveway. The Royals won this afternoon so tonight we are watching the weather instead of a baseball game as well as enjoying John Sebastian Presents: Folk Rewind (Archival folk pop performances on NET). 


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