Saturday, August 22, 2015

Playing (on) a Piano

Little girls like to play with dolls but when the opportunity exist to entertain themselves with a piano, that works, too; especially when her new little brother was trying to sleep in the baby basket a few feet away. Carolyn was just over 15 months old when Jon was born. Elaine, Carolyn and Jon spent a few days out at her folks after coming home from the hospital while Verlon, Tim and I stayed at my folks. I continued my work schedule and even planted some trees but visited Elaine as often as possible. I don’t know how Carolyn learned that she could make a lot of noise by sitting down on the piano keys but she really got excited in doing it. She would move up and down on the piano bench to get different sounds but those low notes were her favorites. I wonder if that might have initiated Jon’s interest in music. 

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