Friday, August 21, 2015


Sadie’s Grandmother told of her forgetting to take  “Mymar” doll along as they went to Lincoln the other day and wanting to drive back to get her. They didn’t but when I came across this picture of Carolyn, it is easy to see how important her Thumbelina was and all dolls can be to little girls. This of Carolyn was taken during our early years back in Virginia. As Elaine and I talked about dolls, she was never very attached to them. One of her first dolls was a small, black baby doll like I remember having one in our house while growing up. As I remember, they were quite common back in those days. I don’t know what impact they may have had on race relations but they were always treated no differently than any others. I never  appreciated the Barbi Dolls because of their unrealistic, suggestive proportions and the promotions for encouraging collections of them and their clothing. My sister Vivian always had dolls, and I’m sure it was our Mother that got me my “Tommy” doll as a 3-year old. 

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