Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Happy Birthday Grandma Carolyn

Today is Carolyn’s birthday. Our “Seward family” got together this evening to eat at, “The Quonset” in Staplehurst. The food was  good and was topped off with Cheese Cake back at Owenses. Birthdays of immediate family always bring back memories associated with the actual event for which we celebrate anniversaries. It was during that summer that I reached the height of my “Town Team” baseball career playing with Garland in the Blue Valley League and Seward in the Cornhusker League. I had grown a full beard in conjunction with Seward’s “Old Settler’s Day” and won 1st place representing the Garland community. I recall going directly from the County Fair where the Beard judging took place to the Hospital to check on Elaine. I was setting in the waiting room when Dr. Carr walked through and without even slowing down, said: “you’ve got a little girl”. After having two boys, we were most pleased. While we were both happy to have a daughter, we didn’t realize until we reached retirement age, just how important it is to have a daughter and family living nearby. It worked out that way again tonight with them picking us up to go out to eat. While we say, “Happy Birthday” to Carolyn, it was even more of a Happy Birthday Day for all of us. 

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