Monday, August 24, 2015

Del Peters at Kiwanis

Del Peters presented the program at Kiwanis today and gave a seminar on carving. It was most enjoyable to see the entire two tables at the head of the room covered with his items. Del is a local product who followed his Dad as a Mason until he became a representative of a Lumber Supply Co. He took up carving while recuperating from back surgery which also prompted his change of profession. He has been a student and an instruction of the Art of carving for a number of years. He told of the tools, techniques, types of wood, patterns,etc. connected with the activity. While all of his products have considerable value, he says that if you equate it to an “hourly wage” it doesn’t pay real well. Basswood or that from a Linden is best.
He talked about the technique for carving hands and often does so in a way that it will hold an object like the Uncle Sam holding a flag in the above picture. He demonstrated how the characters could be made with removable heads, which enables them to be switched around and completely change their appearance. His most prized item is shown below, of a four horse team pulling a lumber wagon. He told of the bartering that was necessary to get help constructing the harness on the horses and also the guidance in getting the “right” number of spokes in the wagon wheels. It was a great program.

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