Sunday, August 30, 2015

Friendly Goats and Paths to Success

Carolyn came down this afternoon with her laptop to show us the pictures taken yesterday while on the farm tour with the Owens family. This is one of my favorites. Sadie seemed to relate to them as friends. This family has a large heard of goats and produces Cheese commercially. I have an affection for goats after being “raised” on goats' milk. It seemed that I was unable to digest Mother’s milk nor that from cows so Dad followed the Doctor’s advice and spent $60.00 for a Nubian goat that had just “come fresh”. It worked and I weighed 25 pounds when 6 months of age. We continued to have them around out on the farm for a number of years. 
I also learned to “wrap text” around pictures while continuing the writing of our 1987 narrative. It took several “trial runs” to learn what would work but finally found a productive path. It may not be the most efficient but it works and I have it documented for future use. That becomes more important for things that are only done occasionally as one gets older. It’s almost embarrassing once you learn the “path” that it took some many “failures” to finally find “success”. I wonder if that's a miniature model of life. Unfortunately, the failures on computer trials are usually not as “costly” as those of real life. 

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