Saturday, August 1, 2015

Golf Books

I pulled these 6 Golf books off the shelf some time ago in the process of my fading away from the game. As Elaine and I put together a list of items to go to EtCetera, they got included. The hard back Tiger Woods book is probably the best of the lot but the 400 page K.I.S.S. softback says on the first page that it is, “The only guide you’ll ever need!” and I believe it. It was published by Dorling Kindersley in 2000.  Ken Venturi’s 180 page softback, “Stroke Savers” was published by Contemporary Books in 1995 and contains many “tips”. Maxine Van Evera Lupo’s 296 page softback on "How to Master A Great Golf Swing” was published by Contemporary Books in 1992. It has the page marked which shows the role of the hips in the backswing. “Play Better Golf”  by Beverly Lewis was published by CLB and distributed by Barnes and Noble in 1995. It is a 238 page, amply illustrated hardback. Jack Nicklaus’ “Play Better Golf”, a 227 page hardback was published by Galahad Books in 1988 and consist of illustrated instructions in a “comic page” format. The Tiger Woods 306 page hardback was written by Tiger and the Editors of Gold Digest. It was copyright in 2001 by the EWP Corp. and Warner Books, Inc. It has “fold-out” pages to demonstrate Tiger’s swing. All 6 of these books are in excellent condition. I bought them all new and must admit to not even having “paged” all the way through them. While I had to go out and get them from the trunk of the car to write this, I may just hold on to them for a while and see if any of my friends are interested. 

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