Sunday, August 16, 2015

Albert, Flora Flowerday and “Sister”

I continued to do some work on getting “Elaine pictures” into a folder and this is one of them. It was taken in the early ’70’s up at their home on Locust St. here in Seward. The wagon wheels above Elaine’s right shoulder are the ones that we got from them while still on the farm and made into a bench at our 5th St. house in Seward. We moved the “bench” to Lincoln where it was a very important part of our backyard furniture. When we moved to Washington, D.C. we returned it to Flowerdays where they enjoyed it. This is a very typical picture of all 3 of them. Albert was very comfortable in his bib-overalls and can of Shasta soda to drink. He would have been operating a County Road Grader at the time maintaining rural roads. Flora was working at the Seward Dry Goods basement and knew the size of overalls and caps that all her customers wore. I believe the expression on the faces of Albert and Flora demonstrates their happiness and satisfaction with Elaine and her family whenever they were around. 

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