Saturday, August 15, 2015

Challenging Times

I had planned to go to an Auction this morning but changed my mind and worked in the yard. After digging out a clump of Iris that had infringed on a lawn sprinkler and working over another sprinkler head, everything seems to be working O.K. Meanwhile, Elaine worked over the clump of Iris by splitting the tubers and planted them in the area where we grew potatoes this year. This afternoon, I worked on selecting pictures from  CD’s that we have had processed from the original 35mm slides and added them to an “Elaine folder” and one with pictures of our kids. The pictures added today included those taken after our move to the Washington, D.C. area in 1962 till 1970. This one of Elaine was taken at Christmas in 1970 which reminds me of why people would tell me that I had a beautiful wife.
This was taken a year earlier when Elaine was “modeling” an afghan that her folks  brought back to her from Bogota, Columbia after having been there to visit Dr. Flowerday and his family. While we continued in the Washington area till 1980, it was during the first 8 years than many changes took place in our lives. Our kids went from little ones to college age. Elaine began employment with Civil Defense in the Pentagon and transferred to the Forest Service in USDA where I was working for the Soil Conservation Service and had completed BA & MBA degrees at George Washington University. They were exciting times of spending an evening in the basement during the height of the “Cuban Missile Crisis", followed by the tragic death of President John F. Kennedy. We never felt young again after that but persevered. 

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