Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Robert T. Gale Historic Monument

The Kiwanis Flag Display at the east entrance to Seward gets the attention but just across the highway is the Robert T. Gale Memorial. Mr Gale and his family were the first to homestead land in 1863 that became part of Seward including that where the monument and flags are located. It was dedicated by Secretary of State John Gale on October 7, 2002 who is not aware of any relationship. The “First Impressions Committee” of the Seward Chamber of Commerce provided the research, design, material and labor to have the Monument built and approved by the Nebraska State Historical Society. Jane Graff, author of “On a Bend of the River” was a member of the committee and provided research. 
Pictured here are: (L-R) Pat Coldiron, Jane Graff, Tony Vrana, Lyle Muelller, Clarence Wattier, Greg Majerus, Dorris Marxhausen & Melvin Bolte. (Lisa Bennett not pictured). Lyle Mueller another member and built the Monument by “laying up” the glacial rocks that had been collected from the north-east part of the County. Most of the rocks came from a piece of land that we farmed as a young man and later owned so I had probably picked up some of them earlier and put on the rock pile. Lyle did an excellent job of masonry, after 13 years there is no evidence of any deterioration. 

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