Sunday, January 11, 2015

Winters in the Valley of Texas

We made 8 trips to the valley in Texas between 1986 and 2003. The first one was to visit Vince Jacobsen’s and Ray Flowerday's who lived in Pine to Palms near Weslaco. After my sister Vivian and her husband Ed Soucek began spending the winters in Victoria Palms near Donna, we drove our car down in ’94 to spend time with them and went on an 8-day tour in Mexico. In ’95 we drove our Motor Home down and went on a Mexican trip through the Copper Canyon by rail. We were back again in ’96, ’98, 2000,  January of ’03 and again in November of that year when we helped her move stuff back to Seward. This picture was taken at West, TX when Elaine and I went down in January of ’03 with Don & Gladys in their Mercury Grand Marque. West is a Czech community a few miles north of Waco and right off I-35 where we often stopped for lunch. It was on January 15th when we had: “Sourkraut, sausage, potato, kolachie for lunch and visited an antique store”. We stayed that night at Victoria and Don called several of the Vrana’s listed in the phone book but didn’t find any relatives. We got on down to Victoria Palms the next day where we joined Vivian and Janice. They had driven down ahead of us and this was the first that Vivian had been back to their Park Model since Eddy’s death. We had several enjoyable days playing golf, buying shoes at the SAS outlet, getting $3.00 haircuts in Mexico, going to the Basilica of San Juan and hearing the Mariachis, etc. We enjoyed Don and Jackie Armstrong’s company while there and dropped Janice off at the airport in San Antonio on our way home.

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