Friday, January 23, 2015

Our Magazines

This is a collage of the scanned covers of nearly all the Magazines we receive. Most are on a monthly basis but some are weekly and others bimonthly. We made a concerted effort to cut down on the number a couple years ago but still receive more than we read very thoroughly. I’m sure more time was spent reading both magazines and books before personal computers came into play. If I were to pick the first of these 20 to let the subscription expire, it would be "Sports Illustrated". And, if I could only retain one, it would be “Time”. The “Saturday Evening Post” contains the largest number of interesting looking articles that don’t get them read. “National Geographic” magazines are probably among the most collectible. We had saved years of them until taking them to recycling a while back. I have bought and sold some old magazines at auctions and sold them on eBay but its not very profitable. Our current process involves keeping the current issues on the coffee table, then moving them to the Magazine Rack in our lower level family room where they remain for a couple months. Then the old ones are sorted with some going to the local Care Facilities and the rest  recycled. Like daily newspapers, and other things, they just have to move on.

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