Sunday, January 18, 2015

Children’s Books

We stopped by the Ben Franklin store in Lincoln on our way home the other day and while Elaine was shopping, I picked up a couple books for Sadie and Jack. We took them out this afternoon and Sadie enjoyed having both Elaine and her Mother read her book about a “Cat in the Hat” that contained all the letters of the alphabet. Sadie already knows several of the letters and likes to sing the alphabet song. Jack was napping and a bit to young to enjoy his book. It is about all the things you can learn from your big sister. Since Jack will be in much the same situation with Sadie that I was with my big sister Vivian, I knew he had to have the book. It may take him a couple years to appreciate it, but it is something that both he and Sadie will repeatedly read “cover-to-cover”. 

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