Wednesday, January 7, 2015

“My Career With SCS"

This was one of those few days that we didn’t leave the house. Schools were closed because of the extreme cold temperatures and windchill. We did have Aaron Grant here from Time-Warner who got our HD TV back in operation. Several years ago I wrote, printed and put a lengthy autobiography on a DVD. Then a few years ago started writing “My Career in SCS” but extracting much of the information from my earlier writing. My Chapter I includes the 10 years of my working here in Seward County. "The Lincoln Years” are covered in Chapter II and today, I worked on Chapter III. It covers most of our first 2 years in the Washington, D.C. Office while living in the Fairlington Apartments. One of my entries today included the description of working with son Verlon’s help on the posters we put on our Office doors for the Holidays. This one was based on USDA’s early efforts to computerize management activities which was getting underway back in the early ’60’s. I included the note that Don Williams, Soil Conservation Service Administrator, presented me with a ball-point pen as the 3rd-place winner of the Agency poster contest. Interestingly, our son Jon walks past some of these very doors in his current activity back in the USDA South Building, but I understand they don’t decorate the doors these days. 

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