Saturday, January 24, 2015

Washington, D.C. 1929

This picture was scanned from the April, 1929 National Geographic Magazine. It is looking to the NE form the Virginia side of the Potomac with Memorial Bridge under construction. There are many stories that could be told with this setting; seeing the Kennedy Cortage cross the bridge on its way to Arlington Cemetery is one of them. Elaine picked me up from class at George Washington University on the night that Martin Luther King was shot. We crossed over the bridge on our way home and were met with hundreds of candle carrying marchers on the bridge. Our having the 1929 magazine prompts another story. It came from Elaine’s folks who had been given many old NG Magazines years ago and kept them until we cleaned out their house after their passing. We singled out this one to keep since much of it is devoted to Virginia. 

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