Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Old John Meyer Farm

A June 13, 2001 tornado did this damage to the out buildings on the farm where we lived during much of the ’80’s after coming back from D.C. The house had very little damage. The storm hit about 7:30 pm and moved in a NE direction about 3 miles east of Seward. We picked up Carolyn & Ben returning  from England but  their flight was delayed coming out of Chicago until the storm was over. We took a pie out to the Ruby’s the next morning and took this picture. The debris is from the big old “post and beam” barn that we had put a new tin roof on, rebuilt the cupola and wind vane. Ironically, when the 1913 tornado hit Seward and went east, it just moved the solidly built barn a few inches off its foundation. My dad was a young man working for a neighbor at the time. He told of helping to work with other neighbors in pushing the barn back into place at that time. Unfortunately, their was little to be salvaged after this 2001 tornado. My Diary entry on June 14 included having received 3’’ of rain and of our going out where, “Jim had a tractor with a front end loader clearing the barn rubble from the driveway. Several old cottonwood trees were broken. The old tractor/shop shed is destroyed and much of the west roof of the corn crib is gone.”  We are now content to drive past the farm occasionally and reflect on the many difficult days we had there and the many very happy days. It was an interesting chapter in our lives.

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