Tuesday, January 6, 2015

TV Dilemma

This is page one of our 2014 picture collage. There are some 130 pictures on the 3 pages which we selected from among all those available to us during the year. We have written captions for them and have put them in a notebooks along with our years “Highlights” and a narrative entitled, “Year 2014 in Review”. In addition to the “hard copies” in notebooks and having them organized in a file on the computer, they are all on a DVD along with all of the digital pictures we took during the year. I just finished the DVD this afternoon and wondered if it would play on our TV through the CD player. I hadn’t tried any of these for some time and quickly learned that it wouln’t play. I thought I got everything restored and actually watched HD TV through the Time-Warner box for a while with things apparently normal. However, this evening when I pushed the remote to turn on the TV, nothing happened. Even pressing the power button on the side of the flat screen doesn’t respond. Our TV box is lit up so we know we have power. Obviously, I hit many buttons in the process. Our review of all the connections don’t give us any clues. So, tonight we are reading, writing this blog, and doing it without the TV playing in the background. Tomorrow is forecast to be the coldest day of the winter (so far) with 5 degrees for a high which isn’t a good time to be concerned with a TV that doesn’t work. There is a fine line between the challenge of trying things like I did with the DVD and having enough sense to not try to fix something if it isn’t broken.

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