Wednesday, January 21, 2015


As I listened to President Obama deliver his State of the Union Message last night, I was reminded of the Fireside Chats of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Both Presidents had exceptional skill in their delivery. Both came into office at crucial times in our Country’s history. While both have many who disagree with the programs they espoused, they will both go down in history as having had considerable impact on society and the Nation. While I consider myself a conservative, I also believe in social justice  and the sustainability of our natural resources. During my years of federal and state employment as a Civil Servant, political party was never a significant factor in decision making. Our mission was the protection and conservation of our natural resources. It’s difficult for anyone  to  disagree with that in principal. The Soil Conservation Service was founded in 1935 during the Roosevelt administration and has  continued  to have bipartisan support ever since. I consider myself privileged to have been a part of this important mission. 

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