Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Brother Don & “The Twins” Jerry and Janice

Tomorrow, January 21, 2015, marks the 78th anniversary of the birth of “The Twins”; Brother Jerry and Sister Janice. Seven year old Brother Don is also shown on the picture taken during the summer of 1937. These were not good times  economically in Nebraska with drought and depression but what could have been a better morale builder than twin babies in the family. Dad’s sister Rose and Bill Thompson had twin sons just a few weeks earlier. They lived over in Lancaster County, but we got together with them frequently to compare notes on “who was doing what”. As the only Girl, Janice was always to first to walk, be potty trained, etc. Unfortunately, Billy Thompson died as a youngster and Jerry died a couple years ago. We received an “inspiring” email from Bob Thompson recently who has been a very important part of the Vrana Cousins Clan over the years. Though Janice and Larry have lived in California for many years, the distance hasn’t kept them from continuing to be a very close part of our family. Social media has helped us all keep up with the activities of extended family but nothing can replace the happy memories that the twins provided us. Happy Birthday, Janice

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