Monday, January 26, 2015

Dr. J.B.Ketner at Kiwanis

Dr. J. B. Ketner, a General Practitioner Physician with our local Memorial Health Care System, presented the program at Kiwanis this noon. Dr. Ketner spoke on Men’s Health: what kills men and what bothers men.  It was an excellent presentation and I wont attempt to get into the details of his presentation. He did comment that while his presentation had been put together for a special men’s program at the hospital, a high percentage of what was discussed applied to women as well. Not smoking, proper eating, exercise and timely checkups were indicated as very important. Family history is a significant factor. It was comforting to some of us to hear him say that if you are within 10 years of your life expectancy, there were many things that you didn’t have to worry about. Dr. Ketner is not only an excellent physician but is equally adapt in making public presentations. When someone indicated that to him in informal discussion following his presentation, he indicted that his Mother was a speech teacher which was an advantage to him. 

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