Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year’s Day Visitors

Sadie, Jack and their folks came to visit this afternoon.  We not only enjoyed them while they were here but had a good laugh when I came up for supper and asked Elaine if she heard the horse “Whinnying” outside our north bedroom. As soon as she heard it, she recognized it as one of Sadie’s puzzle toys of various animals that make their “sound” when lifted off their spot in the puzzle.  I thought for a minute that maybe our neighbor had bought a horse. As I’ve worked with 2014 pictures, it is apparent how much Sadie has grown and changed during the year. We also notice how Jack changes between each time we see him. Personalities seem to emerge early in kids and I can’t help but compare these two to Lucy and Charlie Brown.
But Jack’s facial expressions seem to favor Winston Churchill so he might be able to keep up with Lucy. While the Owens’ visit was the highlight of the day, there were the annual readings that were taken and duly recorded in my 2015 Journal. Medications were recorded as was vehicle mileage. If Seward had a Taxi service, I’m certain that it would cost less to call a cab whenever we have need for the second car. But how do you put a price tag on the value of the one car being in the garage  and available for Elaine when I’m out with the other one. And, who knows, maybe the old ’92 La Sabre will be recognized as a classic one on these days and become very valuable. It has already become more valuable this fall with the addition of 4 new white sidewall tires. I have enjoyed driving it the 656 additional miles that it went this past year bringing its total to 155,742, even though it cost us well over $1/mile. That's still less than the depreciation cost that would be incurred during the first year or two of a new car. I have been reading and hearing more about the idea of “car sharing” in the cities which may be appropriate for some people. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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